Gianni Casagrande

Gianni Casagrande was born in Nuoro (Sardinia-Italy) in 1963 where lives and works.

"[...] ...Fortunately for us, a mountain is a mammal."

E. E. Cummings, introducing to New Poems

The constant reference is the little man drawn on the plate indicating the stairs or the emergency exit, able to transmit his message in an unequivocal way, regardless of language, religion and culture of the recipients of the message.
Making use of pareidolia to identify the form to be brought to light is often a way to avoid incurring the inconveniences caused by self awareness, relying instead on that primary memory for purposes not dissimilar from the original ones, aimed at distinguishing predators or hidden prey in the surrounding environment.
The intent is to produce a narrative that draws directly from the indefinite share of imagination present in every head, which can take place in any language and easily complete in the same eye, and be understandable to the extent that everyone decides.

"[...] The judge smiled. It is not necessary, he said, that the subjects in cause are in possession of the facts concerning their case, because their acts will ultimately conform to history, be they are aware or not. [...] "

Cormac McCarthy, Blood meridian